Being Intentional in Your Sales Career



Most people get into sales as an accident. In fact, Chris Lytle wrote a book about The Accidental Salesman that EVERY salesperson should read. Chris makes a point of helping salespeople wrap their minds around becoming a professional salesperson.

What does that mean exactly?

According the Chris, being a professional means working “on purpose” and having a sales process that you can emulate every time you engage a prospect. This ensures you treat every prospect the same way every time allowing you the ability to analyze the best solution for them and your next steps at the same time.

Next Steps

On the path to the sale you need to know where you are going at every turn. The defined path you establish is not only imperative it’s a basic fundamental. Map out your process. Most sales processes follow a simple route:

Prospect for viable candidates
Qualify them like crazy
Run a thorough discovery meeting
Propose a solution that meets their needs
Ask for the business
Follow up on the delivery
And… Ask for referrals

Simple right?

It can be if you plan and get serious about your craft. But first you have to decide to be a pro and that means working like one. Pick your questions carefully to help the prospect decide what their needs are all the while being mindful of the solutions you have at your disposal. The real win is when both parties come away with a sense of satisfaction and are happy with the end results.

Become a student. Become intentional about studying and honing your craft. Read voraciously about the sales process. has a great list established to get you started on what to read. Sales Tough is another great resource for your day-to-day activity. Next, be sure to surround yourself with others BETTER than you and open your mind to learning from them and gleaning everything you can from them. Move, like Chris says, out of the realm of the Sales Representative who simply takes orders and into the realm of the true consultant. Do these things and you will close more deals, have far happier customers, get referrals, and actually make money.