Building a Phenomenal Sales Team Without Going Insane in the Process

Johnny Business Team Building

If you are looking to start a sales department or simply build the team you already have in place, there are some things you should do to make sure you hire the right people and take care of them once you find them. Here is a short guide to building a sales team.


This stage of building your sales team is one of the most critical. If you hire the wrong person, you can motivate them to Timbuktu and back to no avail. Many people are turning to Chet Holmes, who screens large applicants for you and produces a small selection of interviewees, saving you the time and hassle of finding candidates who may not be qualified.


No one likes to make others uncomfortable, but in the interview process it is critical. You will have to ask the candidate difficult questions before you will understand whether he or she has the critical thinking skills you are looking for.

Do not be concerned about putting the candidate under pressure. People will show their true colors when great demands are made on them, and you want to make sure each individual of your sales team can work well even when under stress. If they balk at the first sign of it, they are not going to be able to function at the level you need them to.


Many employers assume that selling ability is natural. While this is true to some extent, training is a crucial aspect to building a phenomenal sales team. You must create two focal points for your training: product education and sales education. Your team must know your product inside and out, and be able to deal with the curve balls they may encounter from potential customers.

Training is so important that there are programs written specifically for companies to use to educate their teams. Again, Chet Holmes has a system of training programs to help the business owner create his or her ideal staff. There are many other plans available out there, and a good day of research to find the right one will be a day well spent on the future of your company.


So you have found your candidates and trained them thoroughly. Yet after a while their production plateaus and you don’t know what to do. Remember that they are human beings, and you will need to do the same thing with them that you do with other staff–reward them, create contests, and praise them in public. Then give them higher challenges. As long as you recognize their achievements then raise the bar of performance, you can keep them performing.

Most importantly, remember that your appreciation of them is first reflected in their paychecks. If you don’t pay them well, your competitors will. Again, finding the right level of pay for your individual team members will require some research and possibly some consultation with business specialists. You may want to interview some human resources specialists to help you with this–they are well versed in salaries, benefit packages, and legal concerns in hiring.

Like any other workers, sales teams need constant grooming and support. As long as you do this, you will have the phenomenal sales team you desire.