Work With Me

There are two ways we could potentially work together.


I am a professional speaker covering the topics ofJohn McEntyre is Johnny Business

  • Motivating Sales Teams
  • New Hire Training
  • On-boarding
  • Developmental Training (personal and professional)
  • Sales Process Refinement
  • Empowerment

If you would like to network or collaborate, please reach out to me by contacting me here.

Also, here is a Digital copy of my Resume.


I help people, teams, and companies build a better sales strategy. I assist with everything from content creation and distribution strategies that help with wide-area sales funnel activity, to working on cultivating and nurturing sales teams for improved sales results, training ROI, and salesperson longevity.

I do this on a purely networking basis and do not charge for services. I enjoy building relationships so if you want to learn more or just want to strategize, contact me here.

Beyond that, let me know how I can help.