How to Deal With a Negative Coworker.

Core Values Johnny Business

Core Values Johnny Business

We have all experienced them. The know-it-all’s, the I’m-stalking-you-on-social-media, and the tried and true… crazies. So the question looms… how do we, as seemingly normal business people, deal with these veritably insane individuals at the office?

These people enjoy drama and getting a rise out of others. Generally, they produce nothing and propel themselves ONLY by downgrading those around them who are doing far more than they are. These people are usually trying to be deceptive but in all actuality are very transparent to those around them. If these business culture poo-pooers are allowed to play their games the esprit-de-corps of the company is in jeopardy. Yes, it is that serious.

So, how do we deal with them? Simple… don’t be party to their musings or allow them an audience. These types thrive on drama and dismay therefore, if the fuel is taken away they will calm down a bit. They likely won’t completely stop however, not totally. Generally they will wait until the moment arises where they insert their negativity at an opportune time (for them) in the future.

This may sound like a rant but the detrimental impact these people can have on your company is massive. Don’t let it play out. If you see this type of stuff happening, talk to your HR department and your leaders; they can help. At the very least, you should distance yourself from these people as much as possible and become a positive beacon within the organization to offset all the other nonsense.