How to Do Anything and Fail.


The secret to failing at anything you do is pretty simple. It is a lot of work but you only need to commit to the following:

  • Don’t set defined expectations.
  • Don’t work toward accomplishing anything, whatever that anything is.
  • Try really hard not to be specific in your intentions.
  • Procrastinate, constantly if possible.
  • Give up before you try or give up after your start something and it doesn’t work our like you planned.
  • Do your best not to take personal accountability for your actions. (Thank you Mr. Nathan Cowan for helping me understand this point)

The truth, as I mentioned above, is that the aforementioned is a lot of work. You almost have to try in many cases not to be successful. You have to work against your better judgement, your self-worth, the expectations of others, and the universe itself not to succeed. Deepak Chopra, Jesus Christ,  Buddha, and most psychologists would argue that it takes as much energy to not do something as it does to do it. So the question is, why do we continue to fail?

We fail to achieve success because it seems in most cases that doing, or not doing something, is the easiest path. We do this in large part because our society is so fixated on instant gratification that we don’t even care to see what wonders lie just ahead of the foreseeable horizon. We are short-sighted and only look at what is in front of us. We commit ourselves only to the obvious, mundane, and superficial. When, in reality, it simply requires faith in ourselves to make the changes we need to realize what we dream to manifest. Faith, it seems, is not only for the religious.

Here is another secret, the key to success is exactly the opposite of the bullet points above.