I’m a Supporter of Agnostics, Device Agnostics That Is.


I dislike when people start writing and throw down a definition out of Webster’s Dictionary. However, in this instance I will give in to this style in an effort to add clarity to a somewhat new phenomenon.

Word Spy dot com defines Device Agnostic as:

adj. Of, or relating to, a software program or other system that is not dedicated to a single hardware platform, but instead is flexible enough to work with any device.

This is the same idea as using “The Cloud” to store pictures, media, and files. The idea is brilliant and, in short, I think every CEO/CIO should invest some time looking at ways to make this happen in some sector of their company. The benefits are obvious. You aren’t tied to a specific carrier, platform, or software configuration. Your employees can even use their own devices to access things like email, CRM’s, company material, etc. Even Apple has jumped on ye olde bandwagon with their iCloud service. You can access your apps, music, pictures basically any content on any device.

Great ideas and this is a big leap in creating efficiencies especially for field salespeople or field based technicians.

Now please excuse me while I run out and buy and iPad2 now that I have a viable reason :)