Small Group Focused or Lunch & Learns

Johnny Business Small Group Focused or Lunch & Learn Trainings

Small Group Focused or Lunch & Learns

This sales development series offers a comprehensive, concise process that will develop successful sales skills while maintaining and building your status as an expert in your field.




Learn: to unite current abilities with a personal and professional development system to increase not only your sales but your networking outreach.

Develop: the ability to lead to higher levels of business and personal achievement. 

Results include: increased sales, strengthened focus on attracting, servicing, and keeping customers, building a personal brand, more repeat business, competitive business converted, increased income, sales process development, and a maximized balance between business and personal life.

The course runs for 2  x 1 hour segments in order for maximum retention and new habit formation.


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Critical Issues Covered Within this Segment

•     Adapting to Customer Needs and Expectations while maintaining your role as the expert

•     The Buying/Selling Process

•     Building Attitudes for Positive Results

•     Resistance to Change

•     Prospecting with education-based marketing efforts

•     The Role of Goals

•     Solutions to Obstacles that you/your clients may meet

•     Referral Sources

•     Spheres of Influence

•     The Sales Funnel

•     Communication Skills

•     Running Effective Appointments

•     The Path of the Sale

•     Effective Questioning Techniques

•     Building a Case for Action

•     Effective and Dynamic Presentations

•     Proposals


The Results Are Measurable

•     Increased Sales

•     Strengthened Focus on Attracting, Servicing, and Keeping Customers

•     Increased Market Share

•     More Repeat Business

•     Increasing Business within Exisitng Accounts

•     Competitive Business Converted

•     Increased Income

•     Higher Profits for You and Your Company

•     Maximized Balance Between Business and Personal Life