Sales Prospecting with a Script


Using a Script is a fundamental part of sales prospecting not just something that new salespeople do. You should always have an effective script that has been both:

Rigorously Designed.

Vivaciously Rehearsed.

Rigorous Design

To “rigorously design” your script you have to first think about the suspects/prospects that you want to engage.


Is there a specific vertical that you have knowledge of giving you some added insight?

Is there a certain part of your territory or market that you feel more comfortable working in?

Is there a targeted set of businesses that you would like to tackle?


Questions like these are important to ask yourself because it gives you the opportunity to focus your efforts and use the Rule of Least Resistance.


The Rule of Least Resistance:

Operating within the confines of a specified context that closely relates to another context to maximize efficiency and cut the amount of energy exerted to move from one context to another.

Example: If you are calling on a construction company and next move down the list and call an import company then next call a bakery chain; how much energy does it take to shift from one line of discussion to another? 

Best Practice: If you call on specifically, well thought out verticals or closely established companies you:

  • Have similar conversations with each business.
  • Run into the same issues time and again.
  • Are able to maintain the same train of thought between phone calls.
  • Have the ability to send out the same information to more than one Prospect.
  • Exponentially increase your effectiveness by way of sounding more professional and by being more knowledgeable.

Once you have a script designed you can begin to modify it for different verticals and adjust your angle. Calling on an industry that is very concerned about service and reliability isn’t going to have as much impact for a vertical of businesses that are mainly price sensitive. Remember to keep in mind your target audience and your delivery.

Vivaciously Rehearsed

The next and probably most crucial step is to afford yourself the opportunity to “vivaciously rehearse” your script. You need to Memorize, Internalize, and Personalize the material so you know it inside and out. You need to sound conversational and professional. Most importantly, using a script in this manner allows you to assess if it is working or not. The take-away here is that creating a usable, powerful script will generate more calls, more appointments, and ultimately more generated revenue.

Steal From Your Collegues

The last point I want to mention is that there are great ideas out there which is why so many sales books, seminars, and trainers out there. Those cost monkey and while I believe they have a great deal of value, I recommend… as often as you can… steal from those around you. Great salespeople are perfect to emulate. If you hear something one of you counterparts says and you really like it… Steal it.

There is no such thing as plagiarism in sales.

Once you start employing this new approach it’s important to memorize what you hear, internalize it until you know it backward and forward, them personalize it until it becomes YOU. This tactic will help you grow more than any book you will ever read.