Sales Training Planning Series – Part One – Vision


Johnny Business Sales Planning

In any organization, training is at the cornerstone of what makes a business thrive. Skilled, prepared, knowledgeable and organized employees are:

More Successful

Turnover Less

Far Happier

More Motivated

More Creative

More Committed

Furthermore, in organizations where sales drive the success of the company, sales training is not only important it is the very foundation from which everything else is built. It is for this reason that the process and methodologies utilized in the training of new hires must be well planned, expertly executed, strategic (long-term) and tactical (short-term). All of the aforementioned must be accomplished while maintaining alignment with the vision of the executive management with respect to the core values, goals, and aims of the company (Harnish, 2002).

New hires moving through the process of on-boarding should obtain all the skills needed to be successful in the short-term (1 month to 1 year) and in the long run (1 year +) which would in turn ensure both the longevity of the salesperson and maximize the investment a company puts into its sales people. This can be accomplished through dynamic training methods that not only give salespeople the necessary information needed to sell products and services but also make sure they have applicable, real-world, techniques that guarantee success.

The path of development of the salesperson should be taught early in the career to indoctrinate the new hire on the potentiality the company offers and give them an immediate goal to work towards. Having a well-defined upwardly gazing structure that aligns with the company goal of maintaining its salespeople is essential. To carry out the lofty goal of attracting, attaining, and retaining the most skilled sales professionals every step of the process from hiring to training from development to advancement should be explicitly spelled out and a plan forged and strictly adhered to.

In the next post we will discuss Culture Development and Shifting Paradigms within an organization. This part of a multi-part series showing Sales Managers and Directors how to build an effective Sales Training Plan.