Smart Prospecting Ideas

Prospecting Johnny Business

Today you must have an effective strategy for reaching out to decision makers and developing relationships. See below for some ideas on how to begin prospecting intelligently.

Sales prospecting is a fundamental element in our daily lives. Most salespeople dislike prospecting because they don’t do it strategically or with enough depth to ensure proper effectiveness. To make sure you are as efficient as possible allocate time each day for prospecting. This may already be done for you in the form of an established daily Call Blitz but ask yourself

“Am I using this time as effectively as I could be?”

Next, it is a good idea to diversify your approach. This means don’t focus only on cold calling and email spam. Think outside of the box and expand your prospecting portfolio. True sales masters, the pros make a point of becoming a valued commodity for their customers. Become an expert in sales and in your industry. Read, write, and collaborate with other successful people. Other ideas include:

Networking – yes the Chamber but what other groups really work? has some great online and offline meet-ups. You can also build your own networking group. Reach out to industry providers, agents that can sell your services,  vendors that can add what you do to THEIR value proposition, etc. and build an exclusive group that only you work with. Exchange leads and support each other in your endeavors.

Speaking Engagements – Refine yourself. Become an expert and show off your talent. Becoming a true resource and source of info is critical. There are plenty of groups our there that you can speak in front of or you can create your own. Set up a conference room or rent a hall and plan a summit that ties into what you do then invite some of your top prospects to it. You not only get to surround yourself with the people you most want to get in front of, you command the respect they are looking for when partnering with a vendor.

Write Articles – You don’t have to be Mark Twain to start writing about what you know and you don’t have to be an expert to start with either. Pick some simple topics in the industry and provide honest and simple advice or information about it then give it away for free. There are plenty of sites out there that allow you to post your articles that don’t charge a fee. Sites like and are both easy to use and give you plenty of tools to help you with promoting yourself and with tips on writing.

Social Media – Yup… we are talking Twitter here. But more than Twitter is the vast array of other social networks out there that allow you to express yourself and build a valuable working network of connections across the country. These connections are powerful because they have the ability to ping people immediately and allow you constantly stay in touch. At very least tonight, when you get home, set up a account if you don’t already have one. Once you have the account built use it daily! If you need a little more depth on how and where to start with social media check out these articles:

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The takeaway here is to start becoming a more professional salesperson. Being a pro means that you may have to push yourself outside of your comfort-zone. Pushing yourself only means that you are growing and becoming a better person. Who knows, you might even make some more money along the way.