The Pre-Appointment

Getting ready for the appointment, a challenging time for any salesperson. That time right before you meet up with your prospect is critical. Your first impression is coming soon and you need to make sure you get off on the right foot. Here are some simple and easy things you can do about an hour before your appointment.


1. Go to their website. This may seem simple but most salespeople don’t do this. Asking them what they do in this day and age is a sure sign of an amateur.

2. Have a line a basic questions prepared. Don’t memorize a list (and please don’t read off a list) but DO have an outline of where you would like the meeting to go. This should be a fact-finding session where you both get to know each other more and you both decide if there are next steps. The more easily the conversation flows… The better.

3. Ice Cube said it best… Check yourself B4 you wreck yourself. Check your appearance, your breath, etc. so you don’t look strange walking on with bed head or something. This will also aid in instilling confidence in yourself which is ALWAYS a good thing.

4. Be ready to do business. In more instances than I care to count I have seen salespeople come to an appointment, run a great initial discovery, and have the customer ready at that moment to buy. Do yourself a favor, bring everything with you to ensure that you are easy to do business with. If you don’t have it on the old Bat-Belt at least have it in the Bat-Mobile.

5. Prepare to ask for next steps. All too often we get so excited about being done with an appointment that we forget why we are there in the first place. Your job is to move the process along and getting next steps and buy in from the prospect is imperative. Most deals won’t close the first time or two that you meet. Asking for next steps will save you a ton of time down the road chasing the uninterested.

This is a simple and albeit short list. What other MUSTs do you use out there?