Why Web Designers Need SEO Assistance

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Why is a Web Design and SEO Partnership Mutually Beneficial to YOUR business?

Online business is a highly competitive arena these days. Hundreds of businesses have started operating their businesses on the internet realizing the advantages of attraction marketing and inbound marketing strategies. Hundreds of websites are created every day and each one of them wants to get a higher ranking in the search results of search engines like Google, Yahoo etc. Web designing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are two words that are often heard and talked about a lot today. Debate rages on as to which is superior, web designing or SEO or whether a SEO firm or a web designing firm is better in creating revenue for an online business.

The issue is quite complex and from my experience as an online marketing strategist, I can state with authority that there are no clear-cut winners among the two. A great web designer needs the assistance of a good SEO firm and vice versa in making an online business successful. To really understand what I mean, let us now look at how web designing and SEO actually serve an online business or any business with an online presence.

SEO helps to bring in more visitors to your website by increasing the visibility of your website to your target audience. How does SEO increase the visibility of your website? In a typical search done on a search engine like Google, prospective customers do a search on the products they are looking for by typing a word or words related to that product. If a search is done on a product or service offered by your website, good SEO methods will make sure that your website shows up higher in the rankings on the results pages. Your website is on the top and its visibility is all the more high. Statistics show the top ranked web sites are the ones that are most clicked or visited by more than 90% of searchers.

The ultimate aim of SEO is to bring in more visitors to your website and thereby more possible customers. SEO tools like SEO writing that includes the right key words, domain names, meta tags etc and link building all help your website lure your target audience to it before your competitors are able to do so. More traffic means more prospects; more prospects mean brighter chances of conversion of prospects to customers, more customers mean more business revenues.

Agreed, SEO brings in more traffic to your website but what if the visitors do not want to stay on your website long enough to buy your product or service?

  • What if the visitors feel that your website is badly designed, is not user friendly and very distracting and confusing?
  • What if your website cannot hold their attention span long enough to make them realize how their needs can be met by your website?
  • In such a situation, all the good SEO work done is useless as the website is not able to convert the visitors to customers?

A well designed web site with good content, easy navigational links, attractive layout and correct use of colors and graphics has got more chances of connecting with the visitor and converting him or her to a customer than a badly designed one.

In summary, a great website with poor SEO will see less traffic and good SEO with an improperly designed website will see poor conversions. Both are harmful to the success of an online business. Good online marketing companies, think great web designing and effective SEO should go hand in hand.  Quality web designing and result oriented SEO methods are mutually beneficial and this perhaps explains why some business succeeds in the field of online marketing and others fail.